Monday, January 31, 2011

All I Need Are Those Stupid Mini Marshmallows

So evidently unsweetened chocolate almond milk is dis-gus-ting. Picture chalk, only something that's chalkier than chalk, then combine that with the crushing blow of expecting something delicious. Now you've experienced unsweetened chocolate almond milk. Thankfully I am a genius and can successfully heat up a pot while adding two ingredients and stirring with my faithful mini whisk.

This serves 2 and is so reminiscent of all the best parts of Swiss Miss cocoa that my hills are alive with the sound of music:

2 cups nasty unsweetened chocolate almond milk - I suppose any type of non-dairy milk would work, but add another teaspoon of chocolate chips if using vanilla or regular.
2 T vegan chocolate chips (baking quality)
1 T vegan (unrefined) sugar

Heat up the pre-awesome almond milk in a small sauce pot or double boiler, stir continuously. With your free hand add in the chocolate chips when the almond milk begins to cloud up on the top. Try not to let the delicious stew of chocolate and love boil because it can make the milk taste weird. Add the sugar after the chocolate chips begin to melt and stir for another minute on medium/low heat. Pour into two adorable mugs and split with someone you think is cute. Or someone that you want to butter up for a favor. Or both.


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  1. Daiya marshmallows are THE SHIT. I've purchased two packages so far and not a single marshmallow has made it home from the store. (I've got 17 years of no-gelatin eating, marshmallow sacrificing gluttony to make up for!)

    They are small and could be passed of as maxi-mini marshmallows :-)