Friday, February 4, 2011

Just When You'd Given Up On Vegan Pizza

And then there was Patxi's.

Good pizza is something I figured I'd just have to leave behind when I became vegan. We've all succumbed to the misled attempts at deliciousness created by Bay Area vegan pizzerias. Who hasn't had a moment of stoned desperation and a call into Pizza Plaza only to be delivered a dry, barely edible, yet officially vegan circle of cardboard? Or a pricey trip to Fellini to have the pretty awesome, but super soy heavy "Happy Cow" pizza? Or a job at Lanesplitter for two years that ended in you hating both sicilian style and notta-ricotta cheese so much that you have mild PTSD?

Was that last one only me? Okay, that's fair.

Well be hungry for gooey pizza no longer my friends! Make the long trek westward to Patxi's Pizza (3 locations in the city and one in Palo Alto) and be merry. Will and I spent a loverly Thursdate at the Hayes Valley location, drinking beer (Stella for my beau, Big Daddy IPA for me) and eating so much of this bomb ass pizza that I will probably never be the same. Get the Chicago deep dish vegan combo, it tastes like Zachary's Pizza smells and is so filling and amazing that it's officially the best thing to happen to veganism since Souley Vegan. Patxi's doesn't skimp on the Daiya and the tomato sauce is perfectly spiced. The whole thing is topped with roasted minced garlic and it's well worth the 35 minute wait.

I tried to take a picture of me with the pizza and not only did my shitty camera phone make me look like I was in the bottom of a hole, but at least 7 people in the restaurant turned to look at me hanging out, thumbs up over the giant pizza. Somehow the phrase "I'm not a dork, I just have a food blog," seemed like a contradiction in terms so I sat my happy ass down and scarfed some pizza.

All this typing is reminding me of the half a pizza we have downstairs in the fridge. Time for left overs!


Did I mention that I was gonna do restaurant/product reviews on this big bad blog? I wonder if I should figure out some sort of a star rating system. Like the little Chronicle guy hanging out of his chair, but more like the little Chronicle guy drinking a beer while pointing and laughing at the screen. Any suggestions?

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