Friday, February 11, 2011


New post coming later today! I followed my good pal Kate's advice and stole her nice camera to take better pictures for this blog. Sorry for subjecting you to 1.2 MP pictures that my camera phone takes.

I had a little delay in posting this week because I had a MASSIVE FOOD FAILURE. I think that this blog might be making me a little too outgoing and adventurous in my food preparation. I had a little slice of humble pie this week in the form of a FAIL beet experiment involving 2 hours of roasting and a last ditch casserole attempt. The "casserole" was the color of Jem's hair and as my very altruistic roommate pointed out, kinda looked like raw hamburger meat. It didn't taste that bad, but, um... it looked like RAW HAMBURGER MEAT.

+ =Gross

Sorry everyone that I made taste it while trying to reassure myself that I was good at things. Ah well, it happens.

Today I made some yummy beans and toast though and that recipe is too easy, delicious, cheap and filling (the holy quadfecta of veganism)to keep to myself.

Now to go on a hike with Blom, Blender and Marge. :D


  1. Dude, whatever. I thought that casserole was bomb, and who cares if it looks SLIGHTLY of ground beef, beets are red and SOOO good. In honor of my tasty enjoyment, have at this tasty Jem Theme redux by my favorite "electroclash" band:

  2. Dahling--Ab Fab re the recipes and reviews.I wish I could cook and read . Ursula LaCheese